18 May 2017

My mom booked us an all-girls-trip to London last November of 2016. It was an amazing 8-day trip but I kid you not, I was not prepared for that cold ass Fall-almost-Winter weather but all in all the trip was amazing. It was my first time in UK. We've explored a lot of different places but my favourite would have to be the time we went to Shoreditch and the day a we had tour at Bath, which was located at the outskirts of London. I would love to explore London again in the future in a longer stay.



"I have found it"

(This blog post has been sitting in my drafts for forever! Forgive me for the quality of the photos as I have just been learning editing photos thru lightroom when I did this! Wait for my next blog posts and I sure will give you the best photos of your life. Chos! haha)

I know it's been a while since I last went to California but every now and then I always find myself "California Dreaming." There is something about the States that makes it feel like home for me. Specifically, San Francisco. I swear I left my heart in San Francisco. And Japan ... Haha

Anyway, let me just take you to a trip back to memory lane. Last time we were there was during the April of 2015. Two years ago I just would like to show you some of the photos I took. We went there to attend my dad's sister's wedding. Un fortunately, me and my two other sisters missed the wedding ceremony.

My mom loves going back to this particular place in Golden Gate Bridge and have our pictures taken the way we pictured it before so we can always compare the photos haha! Though I wish we went to other places with a better view of the bridge.

Probably one of my favorite places I visited here was the Mission District. If you find yourself in San Francisco, you definitely should go here. It is a virtual outdoor art gallery full of vibrant murals. Perfect for your insta-gaming! JK. But really, throughtout the neighborhood, hundreds of walls and fences are adorned with colorful works of art. 

These murals are located in Clarion Alley.

And if you love listening to old records or really just interested with film photography, Haight St. is the go-to place! Or maybe because this is the only place I know where to find the good stuff? Haha! Anyway, I know all these shops are all over San Francisco but I'll definitely be back at Glasskey for future film photography buys.


25 July 2016

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Just some of the films I shot and directed for school in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde where I took up a degree on Digital Filmmaking. Now, it's time for me to build my portfolio! :)

Back to Subic

26 June 2016

We packed up the car for a day and Subic Bay. Coffee in our hands and Camille's playlist playing the whole way there. Subic would have to be my favorite place to shoot. Decided to shoot there for Camille's new collection. These are just some of the photos I took. Check them out here

Watch the video I made for the Back to School Collection!
Hello Luang: Back to School from Ciara on Vimeo.